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Game, who called the game for sure nothing to lose and win, but we put a little more hope to win, okay...  now I want to give you tips for the players in his special POKER POKER GOD,,

1) Know yourself.

There are some players who fit for the tournament, some of the best people at the table infinite (unlimited chip-owned) and while other players continue to play with limited desk, looking for strengths and use them. Once again, the more often you play will make you recognize your own abilities.

Update: It boils down to this, when you play poker. The good habit of introspection will first play, bounce and play our experiences so far. Roughly we include a suitable poker players in the game where? The tournament, a table with a small capital limit, a desk with a large capital limit, a table with unlimited capital limit or duel / fight one by one to the other players.

Well, at least we can measure ourselves. Large a capital that we have, and Tolerance tenangkah ourselves in playing the (mental), is tinggikah hours flying around us, or we're playing at a table terbiasakah small / large?

2) Strengthen the knowledge about the game of poker.

These points can add insight when playing poker, there is a lot of literature that can be found on the internet. Good poker players joining forums, rajing visited online poker sites (usually available your column about the game of poker), sharing with fellow poker players (friends perbanyaklah poker player) and others.

Thus, you will gain the experience of sharing the information obtained. And it can increase your confidence as a poker player. Makes you understand how to analyze the game and apply what you learn.

3) Show your seriousness in play.

The main purpose of this one point is; WHEN you want to win in the game of poker, you have to be serious when I'm playing. Be serious, of course with your own style. Rest assured, your seriousness and experience while playing that you have a solid foundation to become a reliable poker player.

4) Set goals and Set time limit play.

This point can make you stable and strong when playing poker. Make a goal of starting your intentions when going to start the game. When you intend to win with the capital you have, it reinforced a determination that you will win. When creating goals, it is important to have more specific targets. After that, set your time limit to make it happen.

For example:

Achieve the victory target = 20 M chips (minus capital owned)

Limit play time = 3 hours.

The most important thing here, you have a commitment to results. If one of the two targets above is achieved, then you MUST stop.

Trust me, the game of poker can not be determined with certainty. There is no guarantee how long you have good cards (that won) and how strong mentally (the stability of the rhythm) as well as your physical in playing poker. Do not ignore this vital point. Discipline is an important part of playing poker online. At this point we can get used to the situation, so that it knows when to play poker yourself and when to stop playing.

5) Be patient and tenacious inside play.

Great influence patience in playing for your success playing poker. Expand flying hours in a variety of game situations. To this point, you should understand the mental / psychological time you play. You should be aware, when in sickness or angry or upset or in a bad mood is a moment that is not good for playing poker. Because it will directly influence the decisions that we will do when playing.

6) Developing the game gradually.

An improvement when you get better at analyzing the opportunities and all can add your experience and strengthen your character as a good poker player. Tried hard to be able to make you successful in playing poker.

At this point a very important core is gradually play, learn and hone your ability to play poker. Start from scratch with a small capital. (When you're used to playing with a large capital, you should be able to adjust when you get knocked out and left with very little capital. And do not be surprised, when you win is still being used and keep your mental stability.)

Gradually increase your poker playing ability, level by level. Do not force yourself to direct the play at the table, when you win big.

Tip: When you want to play great on the table, play at a level above the level first. (Eg for 2x round game, then new bealih to the next level - if you play it cool considered).

7) Have a plan and a purpose.

This point is different from the point number 4 above, it is important you understand the point. The bottom line is you play poker principle.

For what playing poker?

Hobbies, Business, Work or do you really want to become a professional poker player ...

Do you want to achieve satisfaction, Hobbies satisfied? just spend time? or is there something else; try you describe a moment.

For example: If you win how, and lost what?

Some players might be satisfied with mastering the game with a small bet and then try to type the tournament, while the other players want to master the stakes are high.

If you do not have a plan of their own, chances are that you are part of the plans of others who really engage in playing poker. Just a note even if it is just a hobby, you should be good to limit yourself. Especially if you rely on capital from buying chips.

8) Be realistic and set goals that you know you can achieve it.

This point is related to the number six (6) above, we should gradually be able to measure our ability to win. Whether in the circumstances of capital owned chips, cards in hand, and our mental situation.

When a small chance your card, do not expect grandiose to win (do not get used to relying on hockey / fate alone). Believe me, the art of playing poker is not the same to you playing dice. Throw it and see .... ! And poker is not like horse race betting or lottery / sweepstakes ....

9) Treat others the same way you want to be treated.

Be respectful and avoid foul language in which you play. (Online poker room). Realize, you're playing against people like you (they are also the same as you, online and play with you). There is nothing worse than playing poker with a bad attitude, be a humble winner and a gracious winner with a great attitude.

10) The most important may be this one - have fun.

Make you enjoy the game, play with fun and joy will make you relaxed and calm. In playing online poker, you have to understand it. Professional poker players love and love to play poker, and they are aware and to realize a good attitude.

So tips for successful play poker, which is often the inspiration of real poker players in the world of gambling.

May be useful to broaden the horizon we all ......



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